The title of this page is ‘Towards a Compassionate New World.’ Why New World? In the last millenium, when we talked of New World, we meant a world of opportunities, a world to explore, a world of discovery. Now, the world has a surfeit of choices, little time to explore the choices or enjoy the discoveries before there are new choices, newer discoveries and greater opportunities to do more. In a way, it’s exciting, wonderful. But, in many ways, the New World of opportunities is dizzying with its variety. In a bid to enjoy the variety and make sure we do not lose out on the choices, we seem to be drowning in a world of materialism.

The new New World will pause. Take a breath. Look around, to see if in the chase for faster, newer, bigger, better, we are taking everyone along. Because, it is possibly the angst at not being able to catch up, not even being in the race or denied even the opportunity to race that the old New World is pushing itself into a black hole of vice and viciousness.


Like the Green Movement, which encompasses individuals, homes, nations and the world, I would like the NEW WORLD to envelop us in a move to be more compassionate, to make the world around us see the importance of being more compassionate and to bring about the changes needed to do this – in ourselves, in our family, society, national and international systems of governance and operations.

What can we call this movement, I wondered. And I thought it would be a good idea to call this movement a BLUE MOVEMENT. A movement to protect and preserve the humaneness of humanity on this blue planet, just as the Greens want to preserve the planet for posterity.

Come to think of it, where would we be if the planet is preserved for posterity, but humanity has lost its capacity to be humane?


Each of us is special, yes, and different from the rest of humanity in countless infinitesmial ways. Yet, we, the human beings, are also irrevocably bound and the actions of each one of us ultimately affects everyone else.

The sphinx used to ask wayfarers: “What is it that walks on four legs at dawn, on two legs later and on three legs at twilight?” None could answer the riddle till Oedipus came along and said: “It’s the human being.” It is not often that we, like Oedipus, see the sameness – the commonality – that binds us all.
We, who constitute the human race, are all so alike in so many ways, and yet, for most part, it is our individuality, our ego, that dominates. And, in the race to assert our independent identity, we seem to be losing our ability to identify ourselves with the rest of the universe.

Better indidviduals would make a better world – a better universe – is the fundamental idea of this blog.

The agenda or rules of the ‘Blue Movement’

  • Anger vitiates the atmosphere. Try alternative expressions to anger. (Metarule: Passivity or inaction is not an acceptable response.)
  • ‘Forgiving’ could make us feel self-righteous. Cultivate compassion instead. Compassion is born of a deeper sense of love, kindness, empathy.
  • Everyone is a product of circumstances, upbringing and opportunities, and the physical, mental and spiritual health of each individual has a bearing on their outlook, thoughts, words and actions. Remember this before condemning someone.
  • Feel emotions without becoming emotional; empathise without losing your objectivity. Beware of taking an extreme stance. Be ‘involved’ rather than ‘activistic.’
  • A little less negative adds to a lot more positive in human relationships. For a start, let’s try to be a little more polite when we are angry, a little less self-absorbed when we are sad, a little more understanding when we are upset.
  • Desist from self-delusion. Confront your emotions, recognize them for what they are and accept them before trying to work your way to becoming a better person.
  • Unclutter the mind so that there’s room for better thoughts. (See post ‘The mess that’s the mind and meditation’ for a meditation technique that may appeal to you.)
  • Neither be impervious nor over-sensitive to criticism. Respond to it with the right attitude and use the comments to chip away at your defects if there is merit in the criticism and the critic means well.
  • It is not necessary to win every time. Choose your battles. Self-effacement is not a bad thing, sometimes.
  • It’s not a crime to not know. Subterfuge saps energy. Admitting ignorance is the first step towards removing it.
  • Don’t let the greed for more spoil your enjoyment of what you have – whether it is material wealth, mental prowess, physical attributes or anything else.

Of course, these ‘rules’ (for want of a better word) are not for chewing and digesting, but ruminating and reflecting. Do let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “TOWARDS A COMPASSIONATE, NEW WORLD – A Blue Movement

  1. “Each of us is special, yes, and different from the rest of humanity in countless infinitesmial ways. Yet, we, the human beings, are also irrevocably bound and the actions of each one of us ultimately affects everyone else.”

    I love this. I believe that you and I are quite like-minded and as such, I would like to invite you to participate in a project I’m beginning. It entails you contributing a brief piece of writing. The aim of the project is to convey how we as people relate to one another, how we are all connected.

    Please write to me at and I will give you the full details. Hope to hear from you soon!!!

    All the best,

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