Passion vs Commitment


We often hear of people being passionate about something.  Not unoften, we also hear of people being committed to something. Is it better to be passionate about something or committed to something?

Passion is synonymous with fervour – a feverish excitement.  Commitment implies an emotion more sedate and steady; it is synonymous with dedication and a sense of responsibility. Passion connotes restlessness; commitment, dependability. Passion is a heightened feeling that seeks an outlet in activity external to the self. Commitment is a quiet force that impels the individual from within. Passion seeks fulfilment, whereas commitment is its own reward. One can be the architect and agent of one’s own happiness in the latter case, whereas in the former, satisfaction is contingent on  external factors.

Interestingly, despite their differences, it seems that commitment could metamorphose into passion, or one could be passionately committed to something. On the other hand, commitment to one cause can come in the way of passion for another vocation and passion for one thing can disrupt one’s commitment to something else.

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3 thoughts on “Passion vs Commitment

  1. Good, I was thinking about the difference too. Doing self analysis and being among the crowd I’ve noticed severe difference between the two. Commitment reminds me of Mr. Sachin Tendulkar playing on the ground despite losing his one of the parent, while passion: I don’t know to what extent creates value alone.

  2. Thanks much for your thoughts. Sachin Tendulkar’s commitment and the way he looked at the sky after his knock soon after his father’s demise are unforgettable. Surely, this comes from commitment to the path he has chosen, which he is also passionate about. There are also stories of many teachers who get a message when in the midst of their classes about the demise of a dear one – a parent, a sibling, a spouse, an offspring. Despite that, they continue on with the class and complete it before attending to their personal tragedies. The commitment of Neerja, the airhostess who sacrificed her life while saving the life of passengers is also fairly recent. Day in and day out we hear of our defence force’s sacrifices. Commitment is so crucial, isn’t it, even if one is passionate about an undertaking. Without the former the latter may not amount to much.

  3. Very well said. Yes, indeed commitment can take you long way and is imbibed as a disciple in one’s life. Beyond it, others were example that we know. Does it really impact us to make a commitment to XYZ things or does it drive an emotion very within us only to appreciate the existence of Commitment and then forget it. So, do we practice it in real life? What will be worth is if we can let commitment let us drive than the sheer emotional force. Accept it or not, our lives are running with fuel of emotions and hence we have to regret the decision making that drove the last many decision we took in life. Yet, here I sit and realize it could have been better. There is a lot more that we can do, if and only if, we are committed to the work/person/cause. I remember an instance where I was committed to reading class 4th standard book and that small I was. I finished close to eight chapters in a day. I remember the commitment I showed to my work in the past. Now I realize why I’m what I’m. It pays off.

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