Our children aren’t safe. Our collective conscience is dead.

A child goes walking with her aunt on a main road in a major city, slips, falls into a storm water drain, and drowns. Her body is found, far from where she fell, a few days later. The little girl, not yet ten, had to die because an irresponsible civic administration failed to do its duty.

Another child goes out to play with his friend in a playground on a college campus, and drowns trying to retrieve a ball from a 6 foot deep pit that is filled with water. The little boy, also barely ten, died because the company who had the contract to construct an additional building on the college campus had dug up pits for columns, and neither fenced them nor provided a warning about their existence.

These are not isolated incidents; they have become so commonplace that the conscience of the citizenry is not provoked.  Death of young children due to callous negligence of authorities, abuse of children by those in positions of power … everything is fodder for 24×7 news channels who do their daily bit and pass on. The citizenry tube-watch while snacking on pasta, sip a cuppa, switch the channel, and move on. Tomorrow is another day.


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