An Implementation & Monitoring Commission to replace the Planning Commission?

Planning is the first step in management. To complete the loop, you need to implement the plans, monitor the implementation, and collect feedback to feed into the planning process.

The ministries of the government are already in charge of putting in place policies and programmes that constitute the Planning part of management. However, a major lacuna in seeing these policies and programmes translated into change on the ground is the gaps found in the other constituent elements of management.

The government of India should consider creating an #Implementation&MonitoringCommission in place of the disbanded #PlanningCommission. Implementation is not just about delegating duties and distributing funds and monitoring is not just about inspection and penalties.

The Implementation & Monitoring Commission would function as a bridge between policy-makers at the top and people who are the intended beneficiaries. It would also be a mechanism that collects feedback from the grassroots to ply back into the planning mechanism so that the process of management of the nation is dynamic rather than static.


2 thoughts on “An Implementation & Monitoring Commission to replace the Planning Commission?

  1. Iterative and incremental development based on strong monitoring and feedback system is the key to success of any program. Unfortunately its near absence is the weakest link of India’s development process.

  2. Thank you for your comment on my post. I wonder if there are any instances of public policy in India that have bucked the trend. Such stories in policy management could become examples for successful, sustainable policy-making.

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