Shouldn’t Arvind Kejriwal resign?

Leaders of major parties that were swept aside by the BJP have either resigned or made a show of resigning. At the least, there is a buzz about their impending resignation – temporary or permanent. But there is no word from Kejriwal or AAP.  Even media anchors seem to have forgotten them.  Surely, Arvind Kejriwal was the brain behind the AAm Aadmi Party’s idea to spread themselves thin in over four hundred seats across the country? And surely, his was also the brain behind the strategy to concentrate on one big fight – in Varanasi – rather than make AAPs resources [human and material] available for campaigning in other places with potential? Should Kejriwal, as the leader who is the best-known face of the party, therefore, not own moral responsibility and resign – even if not as much for the debacle, at least for forcing his party to face it? In addition, by being so Tughlaquesqe in his approach to politics, Kejriwal has queered the pitch for others who might want to represent the aam aadmi and do politics of non-deceit. By giving way to a better strategist, Kejriwal will only grow in stature and also give the party and the nation a fresh lease of hope.


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