Why Modi may not make it: conspiracy theories to consider :>)


All of India seems to be waiting with bated breath for the man of the moment: Narendra Modi. Whether one is with him or against him or ambivalent about him, all except the diehard Congress acolyte seems to have conceded that Narendra Modi will be the country’s next Prime Minister. Yet, it is all just speculation still. So, why not, a la the Congress acolyte, speculate that Modi may not, after all, have the numbers? I don’t want to consider WHAT then will happen. The scenario boggles the mind and chills the spine. But it may be fun to consider some conspiracy theories: WHY might such a mandate become possible?

  1. The most obvious… The EVMs [electronic voting machines] may have been doctored. So it turns out that the poll predictions bite the dust in a repeat of 2004 and 2009.
  2. Supporters of L K Advani may have used NOTA [none of the above]  with a vengeance. So, whereas on the surface the BJP brigade turned out in full force to vote, below the surface, the whole thing was phaeku.
  3. The media, which has always seemed to hate Modi, but which was forced to give him so much of attention in the run-up to the elections to buttress their TRPs, might have chosen to lead him up the garden path in a bid to get their back at him. It is no big deal to wipe the egg that also gets on their face and move on. They have to do it every so often in any case.

And so one can go on, I guess. There’s just another 48 hours or so left to let the creative juices flow. Please feel free to add …


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