Flight MH 370: the human side

It is a fortnight since Flight MH 370 ‘vanished’.  For much of the world this is a mystery that agitates or excites the intellect.  In their quest for a ‘closure’ to this mystery, the institutions and agencies involved, the officials, the search teams and the media might consider it justifiable to believe as true any theory that seems logical and rational, and is accepted by a majority of the experts from various fields.  But can the near and dear ones of the fifteen score people on the plane accept any theory, howsoever credible?

People go missing after natural calamities, they go missing on adventure tourism to remote locales.  In such cases it is difficult but not impossible for their families and friends to streamline their emotion and their intellect and to set their hopes at rest: conclude that their loved ones are no more.  But the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight is too eerie for such normalisation to happen automatically.  One passenger’s husband says it is all he can do to lead as normal a life as possible and to ensure his daughter does it too, as it is the only way to hold on to sanity.  Another passenger’s partner says her innermost feelings do not tell her that her beloved is no more and that she believes in the power of positive energy.

Like a protracted physical ailment that one learns to live with, the trauma caused by this incident is likely to leave a permanent, dull ache somewhere in the psyche of the near and dear ones of the missing persons who were on the plane unless there is practical evidence for bearing out the theories regarding its disappearance.  We owe the families a foolproof investigation.


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