What it is to be a woman of substance.

Lizzie Velasquez’s battle

” … Twenty-five year old, Texan born, Lizzie Velasquez was born with a rare syndrome which means she cannot ever put on weight and presently, it is reported she weighs roughly 60 pounds. All of her internal organs, brain and bones work and developed perfectly, though she is blind in one eye and has no fatty tissue in which to store vital nutrients, requiring her to eat every 15 – 20 minutes. Velasquez also exhibits some symptoms of Progeria which means she has started to age prematurely.

Growing up and having to face the trials and tribulations of school is very hard. Now imagine having to go through the hardships we did and then finding a video on Youtube entitled ‘The World’s Ugliest Woman’, with nothing on it but an eight second clip of your face. That is what Velasquez discovered and it now has over four million views, as well as a number of comments, many of which encouraged her to kill herself. It’s hard to fathom how this could be done to a child and absolutely terrifying to know that the culprits were other youths…. ”

Read more … it’s worth your time:   ‘How Lizzie Velasquez, dubbed ‘world’s ugliest woman’ became one of the world’s most inspiring.’

Lizzie VelasquezHappy Woman’s Day, Lizzie.  You make me proud to be a woman.


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