Women ascetics show the way. Will politicians follow?

A large group of plucky women ascetics have broken away from their traditional Hindu congregation to form an all-women akhara in Allahabad, a spiritually important centre of Hindu religion in India.  They say this is the only way to challenge the male domination of spiritual practices in their sect.

Women in India have long been demanding greater representation for their gender in the parliament and state legislatures.  A law to ensure that a third of the seats in the central Lok Sabha and in state assemblies is reserved for women has been hanging fire for nearly a decade now as there is neither political will nor consensus in the male-dominated parliament.  Under the circumstances, gutsy women politicians in India [and, indeed, elsewhere] should follow the lead of the sadhvis led by Trikala Bhavanta and float an all-women’s political party. The all-women’s party could offer to provide reservation to men to compete under their banner, if they should choose to join!

March 8 would be a good day to start the party.  It would be a truly Happy Women’s Day :>)


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