Is AAP vitiating the democratic process?

In a mature democracy governance is not just about running an honest government; it is also about being a principled opposition. While it is true that AAP has measured up to the faith the public reposed in it by refusing to ally with either the Congress or the BJP to form a government, it may be important for the party to read the mandate it has got in Delhi as a challenge to the fledgling party to ensure good governance by performing as a responsible opposition. The party’s clamour for a re-election ill serves a democratic system. It should, instead, examine ways of facilitating government formation while at the same time staying anchored to its principles.

The argument that re-election would result in an outright win for AAP is flawed. The premise on which AAP builds this argument is questionable. They claim that a large chunk of the electorate that voted for change of government chose the BJP as they thought they would be ‘wasting’ their vote on AAP. Now that the doubting voters have seen that it has the potential to be a winner, they will unhesitatingly vote for us, claim the AAP leaders. However, the basis for such a premise, by their own admission, is only a gut-feeling at best. The democratic process cannot be held hostage to the illusions of grandeur of individuals, howsoever inspiring. A parliamentary government is about having multiple parties in the fray so that there are checks and balances. A single-party’s dominance is not desirable in a democratic system.


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