Tools of Moral Science: The Moral Scale

Reclaiming the ‘science’ in Moral Science


When we evaluate or make judgements about right and wrong, good and bad, we often substitute the conjunction ‘and’ with ‘or’.  Result: we tend to place the values on opposite sides, whereas they may be more rightfully placed on a continuum.

When we place the values on opposite sides it conjures up a sense of conflict between them. Individual nature that is caught in one or the other position perforce feels that there is need to move a greater distance than necessary in order to convert from one to the other value. This imposes what may be called an ‘artificial position’ on the psyche which manifests in pressure to conform to or deny values. In reality, just as from darkness to light is but a matter of degrees of brightness, greed, hatred and delusion lie on a continuum. Recognising this would make it far less complicated to apply a Moral Scale to measure individual nature in order to understand, cause and achieve change.

[To be continued]


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