Moral Science in praxis: Corporate and Political management

Reclaiming the ‘science’ in Moral Science

Intrigue and snafu are par for the course in corporate and political environments, and guile is an accepted – indeed respected – management tool to cope with the on-the-edge game of ‘second-guess’ that plays out in real time in both environments. The two cohorts share many features such as the inescapable need to get and retain power, and the unavoidable necessity of blowing one’s trumpet more effectively than other equally vocal ‘trumpets’.  Deception, including of the self, and intense hunger – in the guise of ambition, aspiration, drive, etc. etc. etc. – are expected and insisted upon. When what we are considering as the foundational converse of ‘moral’ itself becomes the vital life force of a swathe of society that is so omnipresent, is it possible to realistically entertain any hope of establishing an encompassing moral standard?

[To be continued]


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