‘Being and Becoming’, and Belonging

Reclaiming the ‘science’ in moral science [an episodic essay]

We have defined thought, word and/ or action untainted by greed, hatred and/ or delusion as ‘moral’. We considered the notion of greed as disproportionate desire that grows, but also agreed that greed itself constantly outgrows the ambit of its definition proportionately with the expanding quantum of normative or acceptable want. As the goal posts driving greed are in a continuous state of flux, and greed is very often the progenitor of hatred and delusion as well, we suggested that the seed of the science of morals should be found in something more foundational if it is to be universal. From this emerged the principle of being and becoming, which covers the ambit of existence of all sentient beings. While being is what is, and becoming depends on how we negotiate the givens at any point of time, that there are as many states of ‘being’ as there are lives, and the states of becoming are infinite in that action and reaction are perpetually being set in motion in human interaction, once again provokes the need to identify a universal link factor, something that could be considered as the prime motivator or the fundamental causal factor that instigates the progress of every individual’s being and becoming. A sense of belonging , that is feeling ‘part of’ as well as ‘possessed by’, could be the ultimate factor that underlies the individual choices we make and defines what we are and what we shall become.

[More to come in the coming days]


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