Zeroing in on a universal link factor

Reclaiming the ‘science’ in Moral Science [an episodic essay]

All life is, and becomes. There is a ‘being’ and a ‘becoming’. In the indefinite time lag between birth and death there are factors that are pre-determined as well as choices that we make. Our genetic make-up and cultural capital [and I do not here consider any cultural resource as less or more than another] as well as circumstances that we negotiate in life may not be of our own making. These determine the state of our ‘being’. However, in every situation, we are presented with alternatives, and the options that we choose determine what we ‘become’. At no point in our life are the facts of our ‘being’ or the processes of our ‘becoming’ mutually exclusive. And, this is a universal truth. I would suggest, therefore, that this could be the urgrund, the ultimate foundational principle that the science of morals should emerge from.

[More to come]


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