Defining ‘moral’

Reclaiming the ‘science’ in moral science [an episodic essay… contd.]

A fair definition is crucial to facilitate and further discussion of a concept, a notion, a term, an idea. Therefore, let me begin by trying to define ‘moral’.

Thoughts, words and actions untainted by greed, hatred and/ or delusion are moral.

This definition draws its strength from the commonly accepted notions of what is amoral, and simply negates all amoral possibilities to state clearly what morality is. This could be considered an acceptable technique for a definition, by definition, tries to isolate, identify or locate and characterize a term or a concept for easy recognition and unambiguous understanding. With the natural bias of an author, I shall presume the fairness of the definition and proceed …

Since greed, hatred and delusion are key words in deciding whether or not an intervention is moral, we have to get a comprehensive understanding of these terms before considering ways to re-instate moral science as the knowledge of ‘what ought to be done’.

[More to come in the coming days]


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