My Women’s Day Wish

On this Women’s Day, my wish is for Women to:

  • Refuse to subject themselves to the indignity and pain of bleaching, threading, waxing, et al just to please the opposite gender. We will happily carry the legacy of our common ancestor on our bodies, should we choose to.
  •  Call themselves ‘chairman’ with chutzpah [like Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw of Biocon, India], open doors and pull up chairs for ‘gentlemen’ or accept opened doors and pulled up chairs with grace rather than a grimace.
  • Refuse to become pawns in the games men play: mother vs daughter; mother-in-law vs daughter-in-law; one woman against another.
  • Demand the right to make the choice to prefer the duties of our gender: to be a daughter, to be a mother. Career is an option that is ours to choose at our own pace and time.
  • Refuse to play victim to please the media, refuse to beg for reservation and doles. Start all women help groups, political parties and corporations with entrepreneurial zeal and offer men the option of joining the women’s league.
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