Irom Sharmila: forgive us for we are insane

The law of ‘our land’ does not permit one to take one’s life. So a forty year old woman, who has been on fast since she was twenty-eight for a cause that she believes in is charged with attempt to commit suicide. Can the law of a land get any more ridiculous? Is Irom Sharmila the first Indian to go on fast? Have charges been framed against all others who chose this method of protest?

What does it speak of a government, an administration, a judiciary, a nation that can allow a young woman to be force-fed through a nose tube for more than a decade, put her on trial because she refused to give up her fast, and possibly convict her of a ‘crime’ that will see her ending up in jail! Are we plain insensitive or have we collectively taken leave of our senses!

I love life. I do not want to take my life but I want justice and peace: Irom Sharmila


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