Knowledge: The Well-spring of Hope

When Pandora opened the forbidden box, she populated our universe with all sorts of negative emotions: fear, suspicion, jealousy, greed and so on. So says Greek mythology. The story, fortunately, didn’t stop there. Pandora opened the box a second time, and out came Hope.

Even when everything seems lost, Hope is what helps us to live on to see another day. But in order to sustain Hope we need Knowledge. Indeed, Knowledge may even be considered the tangible avatar of the esoteric Hope.

[From InSight, Retina India’s monthly online publication]

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I'm a writer of stories - for the young and the old, for children and adults. I write fiction and non-fiction: novels, essays, short stories... I also research on a subject very close to my heart: the education of the under-privileged. The output of some of my work - stories, novels and essays - is available at I also blog at

2 thoughts on “Knowledge: The Well-spring of Hope

  1. Very true, Maurice. We are fortunate to have family and friends when even Hope takes time off. Unfortunately, for some, even family and friends are beyond reach.

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