The tongue that tells George Bush that the country ‘loves’ him, and the heart that renders him ‘distraught’, ‘agonized’ and ‘sleepless’ because a person is detained on suspicion of being a terrorist in a distant land, let him down when a girl in the city which has been his ‘home’ for the better part of several decades is gang raped in a public bus in that very city! Why, it could have been his grand-daughter if he had one! And yet, all he can say about the crime is ‘it is heinous’, ‘it is very upsetting’. [Thank you, sir, for acknowledging it as a crime].

Consider, in addition that even this ‘heinous’ event [why crime!!] did not shake the sphinx or the scion out of their vow of silence! It should be granted, however, that a scorching letter calling for action found its way to the media and the people at the helm three days later. One could have been mourning in silence, after all!

Of course, in addition, there has been a call from the ministry in charge to remove curtains and tinted glasses from public buses, keep the lights on in the buses while plying the city at nights and such other solutions of rare sagacity.

The CEO of the city will ‘consult all stakeholders’ and draft a ‘stringent law’, which, she ‘thinks’ will go a long way in ‘containing crimes against women’. Laws, after all, have a pattern of containing a whole lot of other things: dowry deaths, female infanticide, and child marriages among other things …

I know ‘pusillanimous’ is a poor word to describe our politicians  – leaders [!!!]. If you can think of better adjectives to describe them, please feel free to add …


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