My favourite festival

Today is Children’s Day. I celebrate it because all of us are children. Everyone is someone’s child, even if everyone may not be a mother or son, daughter or dad. I celebrate it for the enduring and endearing qualities of children that we may have lost on our way to adulthood: The qualities of trust and forget-and-forgive-ness, of simple joys and sporadic sorrows that don’t sully the psyche; the qualities of imagining a world in a pail of sand and finding fun in blowing bubbles. I celebrate the day, not for the memory of the man as a tribute to whom India honoured it with a festive tag, but for the pleasure of re-living the memories of innocence and searching for the child within.

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I'm a writer of stories - for the young and the old, for children and adults. I write fiction and non-fiction: novels, essays, short stories... I also research on a subject very close to my heart: the education of the under-privileged. The output of some of my work - stories, novels and essays - is available at I also blog at

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