The ‘I’ in the Power of ‘We’

Harekal Hajjab, a seller of oranges, had to face insults because of his illiteracy. He reacted not by taking up issue with those who humiliated him, but by startng a school for the poor children of his village so that they would not grow up illiterate.

Hajjab began a school in his village, Harekala, with borrowed funds and 28 students in 1999. Now, the school has 280 students, 12 teachers, and classes one to ten. It has also received funds and help from many government and private sources.

Hajjab used the force of his individual angst to transform the society around him. Like Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani girl who is now fighting for her life because she dared to fight the Taliban for the right of girls of her community and her land to an education; not unlike M K Gandhi, who transformed the insult to him [dark-skinned Gandhi was thrown out of a train compartment at the instigation of a white passenger] to an introspection on the lives he and his country’s people were forced to lead under British rule.

Read Harekal Hajjab’s full story HERE


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