The Libyan massacre and Obama’s reaction

The world has just become a safer place, thanks to the measured reaction of the American President to the tragic killing of American citizens in Libya. Gandhi’s view was that taking an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth would leave the whole world blind and toothless. This is a truth that should be self-evident; it is also pragmatic politics: you take all sections of the people with you and alienate only the fringe elements (such as provocateurs who indulge in self-seeking freedoms, and their misguided endorsers).

With D-day just a couple of months away it would have been easy for a leader seeking re-election to seize on the sentiment of the moment and train guns on the innocent many for the sordid act of a few criminals. It requires a visionary to see that the security of individual nations is tied to a safe world. Lives were lost yesterday in Libya, yes, and tragically so. More would be lost in vain if tempers were ramped up. Barack Obama is to be commended for his measured reaction, which extends the boundaries of sanity and peace. It is not betrayal, but long term strategic sense. The Nobel Peace Prize has just acquired an added halo.


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