James Holmes.Taking a mirror to society.

I share the anguish of the victims of James Holmes’ assault. The unexpectedness and suddeness of the end to near and dearly loved ones is not easy to come to grips with. At the same time, I can’t help asking whether it is James who deserves all condemnation?

His family, from the meagre accounts that are available, seems to have invested the time and effort required to bring up the child after bringing him into the world. James seems to have responded well to the familial care, being a good citizen, being a dedicated student, and doing well to get one of the few scholarships available to pursue a PhD.

James became a different person almost on a sudden. It is only in the last few months that he has failed to live up to the rigour of academics, and also gone out of the way to prepare himself to become a criminal.

Do not James and his parents, who have been socially conscientious persons for all this while deserve a thought about what it is that society did, or society lacked, which transformed a regular guy into a criminal? By failing to ask this question now, are we not endangering the prospect of a safe and secure future for ourselves? The disease has to be identified before it can be treated. And, there is no question that there is something terribly, horribly wrong with the way things are if it can transform a Dr. Holmes-to-be into a Mr.Hyde.


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