Batting for the bosses?

Food for thought: A pat for the politician!

I present, without comment, extracts from a panel discussion at the awards ceremony of a leading Indian economic daily.

India’s Chief Election Commissioner: “…We have 750 million voters, which is more than the total number of voters across 50 countries in Europe and another 20 countries in South and Central America … we also have the complexities of those 70 countries rolled into one. Our elections always have to be error-free otherwise there will be re-poll, violence and trouble. We have been able to do this … because of the politicians. The Acts they have passed, the power and independence they gave us, and the model code of conduct, which is not a law but a voluntary code created by political parties for themselves. I would say hats off to the politicians ….”

[Source: Business Standard Supplement Awards 2012, April 19, 2012, p.4]


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