VIP vs VPP [Very Important People vs Very Prominent People] – the value of a life!

According to a recent report, there are three policemen to protect the life of each and every ‘important’ Indian, and one policemen to protect the lives of every 760 ‘ordinary’ Indians! It is my guess that a similar situation would prevail in other parts of the world as well. Everywhere, there are always more number of security personnel deployed to protect a few lives – especially political leaders – at the cost of the vast majority of the public. Are the lives of leaders more important than the vast numbers of those who make them leaders? This itself may be a question worthy of consideration. But leaving that aside for the moment, I would like to ask: how can some people be more ‘important’ when it comes to safeguarding life and limb? Isn’t every person’s life equally  important at least for the families that love them and the livelihoods that depend on them? Perhaps, we should stop talking in terms of ‘VIPs’ and ‘non-VIPs’ at least when it comes to protecting people’s lives. Some people may be more ‘prominent’ than others. That doesn’t necessarily make them more ‘important.’ I’m all for scrapping the term VIP. Substitute it with VPP.


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