A bulb in their homes, at last!

Food for thought: India shining?

The residents of this village had to walk a kilometre one way if they wanted to watch television. The children had to study by the light of kerosene lamps and the people had to resign themselves to darkness if they ran out of oil to light their homes. Devarakolly, a village in south India, is just 16 km from a major town, Madikeri. But it had to wait a hundred and ten years since power was first generated in the state to get electricity! Even now, only eighty-five of the ninety-five houses in the village have been electrified. The rest have to wait some more to switch on a bulb in their homes!

On suicides:

Shubha Varadaraj Hatwar, a 27-year old woman, hanged herself from the ceiling of her room some days ago. This was discovered only yesterday. Shubha worked as an executive engineer in a software firm. She has left a note which does not state any reason for her taking recourse to suicide, though it states that she alone is responsible for the act. She has also provided details of her bank account in the note and requested her parents to settle her dues.

Lalitha, also 27, wife of a businessman, also committed suicide by hanging. She was found dead by her husband. The reason is alleged to be marital discord.


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