Food for the mind and the body: Countdown 365/6 [Feb.6, 2012]

Food for thought: Technology helps the disabled, but unthinkingly hinders too

Who would have thought life would be rendered that much more difficult for the visually handicapped with cassette tape recorders becoming obsolete? Recording books and notes on tape and playing it to listen and learn later was very convenient for students who could not see. Since these devices were not expensive, did not require sophisticated paraphernalia to go with, and were very user friendly, the students found them very useful. The present advances in technology have taken the blind students a step backward, says Reema Narendran in her report from Kerala in The New Indian Express. [See:]

Food for the palate: Coriander seeds thoghaiyal

In a spot of oil, fry 1 ounce coriander seeds, 1 ounce split bengal gram, a pinch asafoetida, 3 red chillis and 1 green chilli [less or more as you like it], and a sprig of curry leaves. When coriander seeds and bengal gram are slightly browned, remove to a vessel. Add an ounce of water, a small piece of tamarind, salt to taste and grated fresh coconut [ about 2 ounces]. Grind to a coarse paste and use as side dish with rice or roti. Can be an exotic bread spread, with butter.


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