Food for the mind and the body

Food for thought: Spitting in the sky

Top scientists of the Indian Space Research Organisation [ISRO] have been accused of complicity in a deal with a private firm that allegedly cost or would have cost the nation thousands of crores of rupees. Theirs is a trial that is being held in full public glare, with not a fig leaf of dignity allowed to them. These scientists have been at the helm of various departments of the organisation. If India’s space programme has been hailed for its success, its indigenous growth even in the thick of the sanctions imposed on it by the global community in the wake of its second nuclear test, surely, these men at the helm had a role to play? In the light of this, the government of India’s  gesture in branding the scientists as ‘guilty’ on the basis of a report, and making a public spectacle of it, without giving the accused a considered hearing appears unseemly and suicidal.

Food for the palate: Cucumber raita

Peel and cut cucumber into tiny pieces – as small as you can make it – to make about 8 ounces of the cut vegetable [this is an art by itself and only comes with practice; the pieces, when done by an expert, would each be no more than a millimetre square!]. Grind together 1 teaspoon raw mustard and 2 red chillis to a fine powder [more of this powder can be prepared and stored] and blend into cucumber, using a spatula to mix it in gently with salt to taste. Add 2 tablespoons grated fresh coconut, mix in gently with curds to make the desired consistency [ should be fairly thick]. Serve cool or cold. Spice, like salt, is a matter of taste and add more of mustard and chilli powder if you like it hot.


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