Food for the mind and the body: Project 365/6 [Jan 10, 2012]

Food for thought: Disproportionate disparities

A London pub serves a special menu for dogs, which are the pets of their clients. The canines-only menu includes a special beer brewed for dogs and a roast with cat-flavoured gravy.

In China, an enterprising entrepreneur will soon be bringing to the market tea grown on gardens fertilized exclusively with panda excrement. Priced at 70,000 dollars per kilogramme, it will be the world’s most expensive organic tea.

At the other end, in Afghanistan, winter has set in, it has begun snowing, and there are thousands who have to make a choice between spending on food or firewood because they can’t afford both. A Los Angeles Times article by Laura King has this quote from Faida Mohammed, a forty year old labourer: ‘If we eat lunch, we won’t have dinner. If we eat dinner, there’s nothing for breakfast.’

Food for the palate: Lime juice

Maybe good to fast for a day. Just to experience what some have to go through day after day after day.

In India, fasts are normally broken with lime juice. Squeeze out juice of half a medium sized lime. Add a pinch of cardamom powder, 2-3 teaspoons of honey, 3 ounces of water. Mix well and drink fresh.


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