Food for the mind and the body: Countdown 365/6 [Jan 6, 2012]

Food for thought: Of a dead fish, a dieting snake and the fools that we are!

In the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, Japan, the first auction of the year saw a bluefin tuna being sold for a record 736,000 dollars [yes! seven hundred and thirty six thousand!]. And, in an Australian zoo, python Atomic Betty has been put on a diet. The she-snake had taken to swallowing a goat every hour, and had begun to weigh upwards of 130 kilos. She needed to watch her weight decided her keepers, and put the poor python on a diet: now she is allowed no more than four goats a year!

Another news from Australia says that a professor of Curtin University, Birger Rasmussen, has just published a paper in the journal, ‘Geology,’ that tears to shreds a decades-long belief. Tranqulityite – a mineral found in the rock samples brought from the Moonin 1969 – was unique to the lunar surface, we were told. But ‘Moon’s own mineral’ has been found to have been here, on Earth, all the time.  Only, we didn’t know about it. But now, geologists have discovered Tranquilityite in some billion-year old rocks in resource-rich western Australia. [The mineral got its quaint name from the landing site of the Apollo-11 on the moon: The Sea of Tranquility]

Food for the palate: Tomato bath [can also be called Tomato Rice]

Cook about four ounces of raw rice till well done. Keep aside to cool. Slice 8 to 10 small to medium sized tomatoes into small bits. Heat four tablespoons oil in a pan, splutter mustard, add a pinch of asafoetida, and the cut tomato pieces. Twirl a few times, add rasam powder bought off the shelf or home made [look below for recipe], 1/2  teaspoon turmeric powder and salt to taste. Mix well and stir fry the tomato mixture till the juice evaporates and it is almost dry. Add the cooled rice, mix well over slow flame for a few minutes. Eat hot or cooled.

Rasam powder recipe:

Can be prepared in bulk and stored. The amount here is just enough for this one dish. Grind to a powder 4 teaspoons of coriander seeds, half a teaspoon each of cumin, mustard, pepper and fenugreek seeds, 6 red chillis, a pinch turmeric, a pinch asafoetida. Those who like to work extra can take the trouble of frying the ingredients in a dry pan till a nice aroma alerts the olfactory sense and powder it after cooling to room temperature


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