Food for the mind and the body: countdown 366*

Food for thought: It’s women all the way!

The Indian army is helping young Kashmiri women realise their dreams of becoming self-sufficient, and contribute to their families’ upward economic and social mobility. Four of the young women from low-income families that the Indian army helped get training, have been selected in the highly competitive world of flight attendants: they will be flying as air-hostesses with premier airlines in India.

In a Danish restaurant, an entire floor is ‘for women only’. Even service staff and management personnel have to seek special permission to enter the dining area if they happen to be men.  Gender discrimination of the unusual kind!!

Food for the palate: orange peel chutney

On the menu today is orange peel chutney. Fry together in a spot of oil,  1 tablespoon of split bengal gram, 1 green chilli, 3 red chillis, a pinch of asafoetida. When the gram begins to brown, add orange peel cut into tiny pieces. Continue to fry over a small flame till peel is slightly browned or begins shrivelling. Remove from flame, cool, grind to paste with a little bit of water, a few pieces of tamarind, a small piece of jaggery and salt to taste.

* starting today, each day of this year, I hope to provide some food for the mind and for the body too… The former, from news I get to read every day, and the latter, from the vast repertoire of  Indian vegetarian fare that I draw on to cook at home.


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