Kolaveri to Slumdog

There are various ways of subversion. When the television imposes a commercial break, take time off to get a cup of tea or even cook a two-minute noodle; when the workplace imposes a tedious job, make it stretch by imposing troublesome questions in the name of analysis and inquiry; when the establishment imposes inconvenient laws, use the loopholes or make do in ways that do not make you flinch [or suffer a conscience break-down]; and, by stretching this logic further, when powerful nations impose their hegemony [as the British did to India], and imagine they have conquered you for ever [with their culture – ways of dressing, language, administration, law], and are cheeky enough to walk away with an Oscar for showing you up as ‘slumdogs’ on celluloid, go on, sock their pride, kill their language and how! Three cheers to ‘Kolaveri’ for taking on the English and talking English the way ‘slumdogs’ may be expected to.


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