This Christmas, can we …?

Can we be a little more compassionate about another’s grievance and a little less kind to ourselves?

Can we be a little more generous in remembering a favour done to us and a little less ready to remember how we helped another?

Can we remember to remember that every ‘bad’ person is also good in some ways or at least good to some people, and every ‘good’ person may also have certain qualities that are not desirable, irritating or quirky? Can we, therefore, be more tolerant of the ‘bad’ and learn to like the ‘good’ for what they are rather than for what we imagine they are?

Can we stop obsessing over the injustices done to our ‘sacrificing’ selves, snap out of our hurt egos, and learn the joy of togetherness, the joy of giving rather than getting?

This Christmas, can we start building bridges instead of walls around us, and start thinking in terms of You and I together, rather than just of I, Me and Myself?


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