The body, mind and age

I’m just back from a trip. The purpose of the trip was to simply meet people – particularly those whom I love and like and haven’t met in a long time. They were mainly ‘family.’ It’s always happiness to get back together like the old times, but there are also some new things I learnt…

  • The ‘generation gap’ that emerges between adults and the young disappears as the adolescents grow into adults themselves. After a particular age, all adults are on the same page: whether in their fifties, sixties or eighties.They not only agree about life and its foibles, the adults even treat the young as confidants, talking to them about topics that are taboo between parents or adult relatives and their children.
  • The way to good health is much more through a healthy mind and a robust spirit than through a physically fit body alone. But we pay so much attention to ailments of the tangible body and so little to that of the intangible mind and spirit. Result: the diseases of the mind and spirit overwhelm the person and the manifestation takes various tangible forms.
  • ‘Growth, merely for the sake of growth, is the philosophy of the cancer cell.’ As we age, in terms of number of physical years on earth, how far have we grown in our ability to be self-reflective, in our ability to develop the positive aspects of our personality or identity, in our ability to put the ‘other’ before ourselves, and consider their grievances and sacrifices greater than our own, and our joys and happinesses more than theirs? How far have been able to imbibe the spirit of goodness from the texts that we read, from the lives that we observe, and hear about?

I feel sorry that twlights of lives are spent in re-living the bitter moments that life has doled out aplenty rather than dwelling on the events that have spread fragrance and joy through some parts of our lives. When will it be time to forget and forgive, to live life for today’s blessings than that of the lost yesterdays and the tomorrows that may never be?



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