Kinds of Gods

‘Do you believe in God?’ Sangha asked.


‘You do, yes?’

‘I guess it’d be difficult not to.’

‘Till the LHC tells us one way or the other.’

‘Is that monstrous large hadron collider still on?’

‘As far as I know no mouse or rat has had a go at it again. And Europe certainly seems to be on a spin…’

‘Of a different sort… but, honestly, Sangha, aren’t things too orderly, symmetrical, predictable for there not to be a God in control?’

‘Don’t know about that… many humans maintain order, symmetry, predictableness in their persons and in their surroundings.  But you know, I was more interested in knowing if you believe in the other kind of God that seems to have captivated people…’

Sangha went on to talk about this very familiar kind of God, who is just like anyone else: susceptible to bribe and flattery, takes umbrage if slighted, and is no less human than most of us, except that this God has more power to do things that we ourselves cannot ensure, see things far into the future than our less capable minds can reach into, and so on.

The point she was trying to make was that so often poor God is reduced to, and bounded by, human conceptions and notions. Whereas, she says, a real God, if there is one, would transcend these frailities and be an epitome of qualities of sheer goodness.



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