Something green between teeth

‘There’s a mustard between your incisors,’ Sangha said, and giggled. ‘How many people would have told you?’ she asked.
How will we know there’s something green sticking to our teeth unless someone tells us? So too, how will we know we’re being awkward, silly, mean, pushy, inconsiderate, or any number of other ugly things unless someone tells us?
Reflection and open-mindedness are kin. We can know ourselves better if we stop and think for a few minutes every day about what we have done, who we have been, where we are going…How far have we been as we meant to be, did what we intended to do, liked what we said, did, thought. And, how far did our thoughts, words and actions affect the other in the intended manner?
But how sure can we really be about the other person’s feelings, responses and thoughts?
Will it not help if those who are affected by our interactions [which includes passivity] or those who are observing our interactions with another tell us what they think?
But then, why is there so much hesitancy, hypocrisy, beating around the bush? Why will people not say what they feel and think upfront?
Why is it more common for people to look away if there is something green sticking to your teeth than to tell you to remove the piece of coriander or spinach or whatever it is you had eaten and forgotten to floss afterwards?
Is it, perhaps, because so few of us are open to criticism? Is it because our egos are so fragile that we need delicate handling?


2 thoughts on “Something green between teeth

  1. You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself. ~ Galileo Galilei

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