Live life lightly

I wonder, says Sangha, why we make such a fuss over anything at all. Anger, joy, sadness, disappointment, satisfaction, even love, just fleet in and fleet out of our everyday lives.

You feel charitable or angry one moment – maybe the moments last for as long as a day sometimes – but then, you’re left wondering whether the sentiments were worth the issue or person they were expended on.

So too with fear or disappointment. After the incident, after you’ve had time to contemplate, or grow, or something else happens that makes you feel good, you’re surprised at your own strong negative feelings.

There’s a scene in the great Indian epic, Mahabharatha, where a king is asked by a celestial being, ‘What is the biggest joke?’ The king answers: ‘Every day we see people die all around us. Yet, we hope, aspire, plan, love, hate, as if we were going to live for ever. To my mind, this is the biggest joke.’

Taking a cue from that king of yore, perhaps, we too need to attach a little less emotion to what we feel are ‘defining moments’ in our lives, says Sangha.


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