A new formula for happiness: one that works!

Happiness is a decision. Like all other decisions, you choose between alternatives. And, the alternatives are: to be morose, to complain, to quarrel, to be a cynic, to worry, to be weepy, to fume, fret, fight it out.

Sangha says ever since she came across this advice from an Indian saint, Mother Amirtanandamayi, she has been trying it out. Every time she has a choice – to be happy or to be anything else, the decision is always easily made. She has been happy ever since!! And, this has created a lot of positive vibes in her circles. Like ripples in a pond, these positive vibes multiply as the people in her circles carry the good cheer along and spread it around.

So, it’s a formula that works. Try it. When presented with alternatives, choose to be happy. It is the best decision you’ll ever make.


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