Does the mind have a mind of its own?

It’s not about Gestalt, the mind-body problem, consciousness, cognition and all that fancy stuff. It’s just a layperson’s observation… the mind does seem to have a mind of its own! Of course, you could say: what the mind chooses to think –  our thoughts – they are the product of the ideas, impressions and experiences that have gone into the mind.

But then again, one fine day the mind begins to think differently. What was good till yesterday is of doubtful vintage now; you avoided that person like the plague till yesterday, but you aren’t too sure he is an ogre any more and so on and so forth.

So, when does the mind make the switch, and why? Where, and when, do our conscious decisions stop being influenced by cultural and other kinds of capital, and begin acquiring a life of their own – unrelated to and even at variance with what we had believed in all along?


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