Can you take a minute…?

We are busy in animated discussion – the adults – about the share market, the president, the latest gizmo to hit the tech world… Can we take a minute off to listen to the child who wants to share a find with us: the fragrance of the lantana [a common weed], the colours of the gold and green dragon fly as it sunbathes on a stick, a new adventure story the child found in the library?

We are busy getting the latest on a page 3 character, on what dress or hat Kate Middleton repeated this time, on how successful or not the latest campaign for equal rights was… Can we take a minute off to contemplate on the plight of the nameless hundreds who bring these news to us: working on the machines that print, working in the factories that make the ink, bringing the papers to our doorsteps come rain or shine?

We are busy doing our bit to make the world a better place, working for the greatest good of the greatest number, participating in causes we believe in… Can we take a minute to stop and ask if there is any one habit of ours that deserves to change, any one attitude that needs attention, any little thing we can do to improve ourselves so that we become more likeable, more caring individuals?


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