Opportunities: missed and chased

How many opportunities do we get in life, how many do we use, and how many just slip by?

Each of us has got somewhere in our lives. Is this the consequence of the opportunities we have used? Would the missed chances have taken us much farther? And what of the opportunities that we chased and made ours, when they weren’t really meant for us? Has that effort been worthwhile?

Is success measured by what we have done with our lives considering what we had to begin with, in addition to what life gave us along the way? Or is it measured by how far we sought and got with singlemindedness what wasn’t ours?

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About kshama

I'm a writer of stories - for the young and the old, for children and adults. I write fiction and non-fiction: novels, essays, short stories... I also research on a subject very close to my heart: the education of the under-privileged. The output of some of my work - stories, novels and essays - is available at http://revathikumaran.wordpress.com I also blog at https://kshama.wordpress.com

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