Vices in disguise: concern for the ‘other’ and consensus

Take the compulsive do-gooder, the activist, and dare I add, the social scientist: all people with ‘conscience.’ But where does their individual ego recede and their concern for the ‘other’ take over their thoughts, ideas, deeds? Why is it that ‘their’ way is always better than the way of others with similar concerns? Why is it even better than the way the ‘other’ they are concerned about would rather have?

Another vice in disguise: take those who never want to hurt a fly; never want to put a spoke in the wheel; and hence flow along with the current, always! They never ruffle feathers, never express an opinion lest it fall like a stone that disturbs the calm waters. They just call their timidity by another name: consensus. Sometimes, democracy in operation is not very different.

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