What does it take to change an attitude?

Weak attitudes become weak character… All very well for Einstein to say. But what does it take to change an attitude? Take, for instance, a person’s attitude to discarding waste. What is waste for one may be something worthwhile for another.

In some cities like mine, people who order food discard the plastic containers after use. The municipal workers sift through the garbage bins in every home and make a neat pile of such disposed items. These are re-sold at the end of the day. The cleaners make an extra buck, but at what cost to their health?

Who will, or can, or should, change their attitude? The wealthy who throw the plastic ware despite knowing the hazards of plastic and unsustainable use? The worker who knows the hazards to their health and has been trained to be more health conscious? The person who buys up the waste, creating an unhealthy market for disposables?




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