Mother Teresa urged all who could afford it to carry a bun or two in their bags, whenever they set out – to office, to shop, to the movies or whatever. The idea was that you could give the buns to at least a few hungry beggars you are likely to meet enroute ……. and you’re sure to meet a few in a country like India. What a simple way to bring a smile to forlorn faces! I did it for a while …… with buns or bananas or biscuits or whatever I had handy. I’m sorry to say I haven’t persisted, though it was extremely satisfying and not all that difficult for me to do.

I  don’t know if Koutam Babu, who lives in Andhra Pradesh, south India, was inspired by this message of Mother Teresa. But what I do know is that he took voluntary retirement from his government job some time ago. He bought a van, investing a part of the amount he received from his organization as a retirement benefit. And, every day, he went around his town, supplying food to ten orphans, randomly identified. People who saw this chipped in with help and soon there were more than 200 donors, each giving a hundred rupees every month. That has made it possible for Koutam Babu to extend a helping hand to more of the poor, the hungry, the destitute on the roads of his town, besides supplying lunch to more than 200 orphan children!

As Mother Teresa used to say, our work may be a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be poorer for want of that drop. So lets add a drop of kindness every day – imagine what an ocean of comfort we could create, working together, each in our own small way!


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