A differently abled couple

The following quotes are from an article by Ranjitha Gunasekaran on the life and times of a young, disabled couple – recently married, happy and very much in love.  Over to the spirited youngsters – Meenakshi Balasubramaniam and Rajiv Rajan:

On the reaction of near and dear on being told of their plans to marry:

Rajiv: His strongly supportive mother asked him how he would “manage” just once.  He told her, “We will find our own way.”  She didn’t question him after that.

Meenakshi: “Everyone wanted to know how he would take care of me.  What they never understood was he doesn’t need to.  Rajiv and I decided we would just take care of ourselves as much as possible – not each other.”

Rajiv and Meenakshi are co-ordinator and assistant co-ordinator of the Spastics Society of India’s Disability Legislative Unit, Chennai.  The Spastics Society of India is now called ‘Vidya Sagar’ – the ‘Ocean of Knowledge.’

[Source: A thousand thorns in the path of love, The New Sunday Express, June 12, 2009. Author: Ranjita Gunasekaran.]


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