It isn’t often you come across a sensitive, compassionate editorial in this age of cynicism and politics-rules-all.  Hats off to the ‘human spirit’ of the hand that wrote this editorial.  I reproduce [without permission, but with all good intention] the opinion piece from The New Indian Express dated 22 Jun 2009.  Hundreds and thousands need to read it and be inspired.  Pass it on to as many people as you can.  The link to the web site is available right below the article.

Potential of Human Spirit

Every now and then, one comes across a piece of news which sends the spirit soaring, the sort of thing which makes you glad to be born and human. Recently, for instance, there was the staffer item from Khammam in Andhra on Lakshminarayana, now 55 and sightless from birth. It is remarkable enough that he cooks and cares for his deaf wife, ailing for years. Besides being the best swimmer in the village; it is he who is asked to retrieve any drowned body. Our staffer reported the villagers as saying he carries water daily to the village from the treated source and is the best flute player in the region, playing through the night — and free — as is the custom when a dead body is kept overnight for relatives to come from afar. It makes you wonder what you did with your own life, if this is the potential of the human spirit — and the range of the heart. Another news item, this time from Bangalore, was on a Ramgopal Mundhra, who had to get both his knees replaced less than a year earlier, at the age of 68. He ran a five-km city marathon race last month and is looking forward to doing the 10-km marathon in next year’s event. During the school board exam season, we had quite a few children in this league. Such as the boy from Madurai whose vision is so bad that he needs a lamp and lens to read anything, but refused the help of a scribe to answer his class 10 paper; he writes articles and poems on the side, having published quite a few. Or the child whose bones had shrunk so much that he could only write twisted in bed, but answered his exams that way, saying it was nothing he couldn’t handle. Or, for that matter, the class eight student in Kochi who decided to do a photo-documentary on violence, and did the whole thing himself, as we reported last month. Also, the short item in March on the team of German plastic surgeons who came for the seventh year to Kodaikanal’s Pasam Hospital for a fortnight to do free surgeries on disfigured people — our report said they’d restored 2,000 people so far. These are items that delight as they also embarrass, and it is good to take an occasional minute over some of these in the run of daily life. http://www.expressbuzz.com/edition/story.aspx?Title=The+potential+of+human+spirit&artid=ia8/C75ICQ8=&SectionID=RRQemgLywPI=&MainSectionID=RRQemgLywPI=&SectionName=XQcp6iFoWTvPHj2dDBzTNA==


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