Defying Terror – Afghan Schoolgirls Show the Way!

On November 12, 2008 eleven girls and four teachers in the Mirwais School for Girls in Kandahar, Afghanistan, were attacked with acid by motorbike-borne men.  Prior to the attack, warnings had appeared on anonymous posters in mosques and other parts of the town, asking parents not to send their girls to school.  For some weeks after the attack, the classrooms of the Mirwais School were empty.  But the headmaster of the school, Mahmood Qadari, prevailed on the parents to fight the enemy by sending their daughters to school.  And, the community responded.  Today, there are so many girls wanting to study, including some in their late teens and twenties, who have never before attended school, that class rooms have to be supplemented with tents! 

I had posted a news item about one of the girls who was attacked with acid on November 17 [Link here:  ].  The girl, Shamshia, says: “The people who did this do not feel the pain of others.”  She is poor, has a disabled father and has no way of getting treated to have the scars on her face removed. Since the acid got into her eyes, her sight is also affected.  Still, she is going to continue to come to school.  Her parents are determined to send her too, even if she is killed for it.  Shamshia refuses to be a “stupid thing” as her attackers wanted her to be. 

For a detailed report on the incident in Mirwais School, follow link below:


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