Israel and India – responses in trying times

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will only leave the whole world blind and toothless, said India’s apostle of peace and non-violence, Gandhi.  Ever since Israel’s retaliation against Hamas began, the papers have been full of pictures of Palestinian children – wounded, maimed, bloodied, dead.  Will they and their near and dear ones ever get over the trauma?  How many of them, innocent or otherwise, will find it in themselves to forgive those who wrought this devastation in their lives?  There would, surely, be sufferers among the Israelis too!  At least the families of the soldiers who have lost their lives?  If each of the Palestinian children, their families and the families of those Israelis who have encountered death in this war want to punish the other side, can there ever be an end to the siege?  Can the peoples of this wonderful, holy land ever live in peace? 

On the other hand, consider the response of India to the violence perpetrated on its soil by Pakistan.  By simply not rushing into a war they have not only given short shrift to the designs of the hand behind the terrorists, they have also avoided a lot of misery for the innocents on either side.  Can there be a better tribute to Gandhi, whom India calls the ‘Father of the Nation’.


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