Governments of the World: In the Fight Against Terror, Invest the Trillions Wisely

In many ways the quotes below highlight the point I was trying to make in my previous post. Poverty, illiteracy and purposelessness feed the mechanisms of terror, who live off the angst of those whom the governments of the world have failed to reach out to.

“In many respects, the governance and anticorruption field, and movement, are in a silent crisis nowadays, due to reasons I will expand on elsewhere. Overall, there has been a lack of resolve by many governments and institutions to focus on what really matters, while wasting efforts on sideshows,” says Daniel Kaufman, till recently on the World Bank Institute’s Governance and Anti-corruption team.

Governments across the world have failed to tackle “deep and persistent inequalities in education, consigning millions of children to lives of poverty and diminished opportunity,” says a recent report published by UNESCO.

But, in the entire global debate on terrorism, no nation seems to have woken up to the fact that it is not the trillions of dollars invested in anti-terrorism mechanisms and surveillance machinery that are going to win the day for them. It is sustained and serious investment of at least a large proportion of those trillions in anti-corruption mechanisms and fundamental measures to meet basic human needs that can win the war on terror in the long-term. People must be motivated to have the emotional and mental wherewithal to say: “I can do better things with my life than aspire to get blown to bits.”  But this cannot happen if they are expected to continue to live in drudgery while the rest of the world moves on to better things. 

Food, water, health care, education, recreation – things which we take for granted so much that it isn’t even on our radar when planning our war against terror are every day battles for billions.  We cannot leave them to fight their battles if we want to win the war.


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