“KILL TILL YOU DIE” – Will the kingpins of terror say this to their children?

There are reports from the investigating agencies that the youth who carried out the terror attack in Mumbai were heavily drugged.  The lone perpetrator of the terror who has been captured has said: “We were told to keep killing till we die.”

My question to those misguided youngsters who willingly enslave themselves to those who indoctrinate them is this: Will those monsters who keep you high on drugs, who ask you to let go of your lives in the first flush of youth, do the same to their own children, ask the same of their own children?  Think a moment of the privileged lives they lead while asking you to sacrifice yours. 

And, my question to ourselves – our society – is this: While we act against the terrorists, attack the dens of terror, what are we doing to see that the source of manpower that feeds those dens dries up?  

Should we not ensure our youngsters grow up with a greater sense of values, feel more loved and wanted in the real world so that they don’t succumb to the viles of the illusory world?

Should we not give them opportunities to understand that a purposeful, meaningful life is not only that which is defined by riches, power and success by embracing simplicity, celebrating frugality and making space for the ordinary people?

Should not every nation and every society provide its youth with avenues to realise the potential of their creative energies, their imagination and their zeal to ‘do something’, ‘make something happen’, ‘achieve something in life’ in multiple ways? 

Every act of meaningless terror perpetrated on the world’s people is a wake up call to each and every one of us.  If distance makes us complacent, we are doomed.

Terrorism finds sustenance in the deprivation of youth, in the callous manner in which we trample on their dreams and their justifiable angst.  It doesn’t have its roots in any religion.  The sooner we wake up to this reality, the quicker the kingpins of terror will find themselves without stooges to enact their sadistic sport.


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